About YOU!

You are open to learning and understanding.

You understand and accept the limitations on food production that come with honouring the land, animals and those who produce your food. You know the grocery store is not the only way to obtain nourishment for your body and you will go that extra mile to acquire food that is better for you, your family and your environment.

You want the best for yourself, your family and your local community.

You understand that food is more than just fuel for your body. You understand the strength of urban communities can only be as strong as the local agricultural community. You understand that supporting responsible, regenerative, farms supports strong communities and healthy populations.

You are passionate about making choices that support a healthy planet.

You are determined to support sustainable, regenerative agriculture. You understand there is value in not pushing land and animals to their limits. You support working in a mutually beneficial way with the land and animals to produce the best food possible. You value food purchases that gives back to the land, animals and people that produce it.

You are a willing participant when help is needed.

You are supportive of projects such as planting trees, protecting waterways, keeping a low carbon footprint and creating habitat for wildlife. You understand that these projects take a vast amount of resources in the form of money, physical work, research and knowledge. Knowing that your food purchase supports projects that improve the land motivate you to purchase products produced from farms such as River's Edge Goat Dairy.

You apprceiate connecting directly with the land, animals, and people who create your food.

You know there is incredible value in seeing where you food is produced to ensure your high standards for you and your family are met. Having the ability to provide feedback directly to thise who produce your food is far superior to leaving feedback with a store clerk or customer service. You know conversations with those who produce your food will result in superior product in your kitchen!

About Us

Exceptional quality

The most important part of what we do is bring you exceptional cheeses. We bring you the absolute best around. Our cheeses will delight your palate and be the perfect compliment to your dishes or wine. The integrity of the product is critical to us. All cheese needs to meet our high standards. You are sure to come back to us again and again as we have worked hard to make sure to offer you the best. Customers have commented time and time again on the quality of cheese that they receive from us.