• 4 things you should know about goat meat

    Goat meat is delicious. It is often compared to other game meats like beef and lamb in flavour. Goat meat produced in Ontario is usually of much higher quality than the imported variety.
  • Is Goat milk right for you?

    Is Goat milk right for you? The goat dairy industry has grown rapidly in Canada over the years, especially in Quebec and Ontario. The goat milk produced at River’s Edge Goat Dairy has a fresh, clean, sweet taste, and a rich creamy texture.
  • Health Benefits of Goat Milk

    Health Benefits of Goat Milk. Did you know that approximately 65% of the world population drinks goat’s milk? Whether you find yourself intolerant to cow’s milk, you’re pursuing a healthier diet, or you simply want to try something new for your morning coffee
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Try Goat Milk Lotion

    Goat Milk Lotion is great for drinking because of its many nutritional benefits. It is also great for skin care. Loaded with 50 essential vitamins and skin-nourishing minerals, goat milk is a favorite among beauty enthusiasts
  • Is it better inside or outside the box?

    Where do you feel the best place is to live life? A life that is lived to its fullest potential? A life that is fulfilled and full of love, joy and...
  • Is this cheese bad?

    Microbes, they are all around us, but which ones are in us?? Microbes are crucial to our health. Read Katie's blog on her thoughts about microbes. Do you have enough in your life?

  • Katie's Favourite Korma Recipe

    Korma is a sweet, creamy curry that can be as spicy as you like it. 
    This is a recipe that is great for meal prepping! There is nothing better than the taste of leftover goat curry.
    Goat is truly the best meat for curry. It gives the curry exceptional texture and flavour!
  • Each Goat

    Each goat has a distinct personality, a quirk, or even just a memory shared. I walk into the herd and some of the goats come up to me right away – some want a scratch behind the ears or under their chins – some just want to chew on my clothes but don’t want a scratch at all. As I walk through the herd ....
  • Have you experienced any life changing benefits of kefir? How to make kefir at home.

    So many of you have done an excellent job creating a new, healthy population of beneficial microbes in your digestive system by drinking kefir regularly. Or maybe you are someone who wants better microbes living in your gut? In this blog, author, farmer, cheesemaker and owner Katie Normet, shares her easy, foolproof method of making kefir at home.
  • Cheese making- An overview

    Another question I often get asked: How is cheese made? The cheese making process is one that’s difficult to understand. Truly understanding what h...
  • The Creation of River's Edge Goat Dairy

    Have you ever wondered how a business gets started? What about a farm business??

    Katie Normet shares her part of the journey that took her from city to country to change an abandoned and abused piece of land, farmhouse and barn into a busy and thriving home and sustainable goat dairy.