4 things you should know about goat meat

Goat meat 

There are still some places that turn up their noses at the mention of goat meat, while others consider it a delicacy. In many places around the world, goat meat is the main or most popular meat in their diets. Canada in particular has seen a fair increase in goat meat production, with the industry growing by a modest 5% since 2016. One of the reasons for growth is that goat meat stacks up pretty well against other game meats in nutritional value. And rearing goats is much kinder on the environment.

Here are four interesting facts about goat meat.


  1. Healthier and better quality meat

Goat meat produced in Ontario is usually of much higher quality than the imported variety. At River’s Edge Goat Dairy in particular, our goats are raised on grass. The primary benefit of grass-fed goats over grain-fed is the balance of healthy fats (Omega-3 & Omega-6) in the meat. Grass-fed goats tend to have a much better balance of these essential fats, which helps with suppressing many common diseases like heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.


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Also, grain-fed goats, much like grain-fed people, are usually anemic. This is simply because grain is not able to provide the wide spectrum of nutrients that green leaf does; nutrients our bodies need to function optimally.

Goat produces much leaner cuts of meat naturally when compared to other game meats. According to Katie Normet, owner of River’s Edge Goat Dairy, “Goats store fat subcutaneously, meaning under the skin, not marbled in the muscle. For this reason, the cuts of meat are leaner.”

  1. It’s eco-friendly

Rearing goats is far kinder on the environment than other meat animals like cows. Firstly, goats are more picky eaters than cows. They are especially partial to leaves and bushes, and they feed on things like leaves, ivy, bark and other stuff before they start grazing on the grass. When a cow feeds on a chunk of grass, it pulls it right out of the ground - roots and all - ultimately destroying the entire root system and depleting the soil of important nutrients. Goats, however, have a more lawnmower effect, leaving grass roots intact, which helps to restore the pasture quality without the use of pesticides.


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Goats are also lighter animals with daintier feet than cows, and their hooves don’t do as much damage as cow’s to the grass roots. They also take up much less space, so more goats can be raised on a smaller piece of land.

  1. It’s delicious

Goat meat is delicious. It is often compared to other game meats like beef and lamb in flavour, but it's hard to make an accurate comparison. It’s like saying rabbit tastes like chicken - it’s not true, but there are some similarities. It has that same pungent quality that lamb has, but it has a bit more earthiness to it.

Goat meat at River’s Edge Goat Dairy is well-known for its rich flavour. This is largely due to the natural methods of rearing goats on our farms. They are completely grass-fed, which produces a better balance of healthy fats and a wider variety of nutrients.

It’s pretty difficult to describe the exact flavour of goat meat, but the one thing that most people will agree on is that it is absolutely delicious.

  1. It’s the most popular meat in the world

Goat meat is eaten all over the world. In fact, it is the most popular meat eaten around the world. People in Africa, South and Central America, the Middle East, India, Australia and New Zealand tend to eat more goat meat than anywhere else. Believe it or not, goat meat is more popular around the world than even chicken or beef.


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Have you ever tried goat meat? It’s a great and versatile meat to add to your diet, as it serves well in curries, stews, Mexican dishes or simple sandwiches.

Visit River’s Edge Goat Dairy for a constant supply of delicious goat meat.

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