Member Barn Visit

THIS OPTION IS FOR NON-GUIDED ACCESS TO THE BARN. If you only purchase once or twice per season, you should return to the paid tour booking option If you purchase 4 or 5 times in a season, you are a valued customer! Please consider paying for a tour or proceeding and making a donation when you are at the farm. If you purchase weekly or bi-weekly and River's Edge food is a part of your life you cannot live without, much gratitude to you! You are the ones who keep our barn doors open and CONGRATULATIONS we are honoured to make you members of River's Edge Goat Dairy. This booking will also give us an idea of who is coming when. As you know, Covid-19 has brought unique challenges to many and we have made it a goal to keep everyone safe. This will be a NON-GUIDED tour. STAFF WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU. If you are in the member category, you understand this completely :) You may bump into one of the River's Edge Team during your visit and we will be going about our work as usual and we may stop to chat :) In order to qualify as one of our loyal clients, you will first speak to Katie or Will and share your River's Edge experiences so we can validate you as a client. We ask this for two reasons: 1. To be sure you know the rules of the barn to keep yourself, the goats and us safe. 2. To create a greater connection with Will and Katie who produce your food! The better Will and Katie know you, the better they can serve you. If you ended up here and feel you do not qualitfy, or if you would like a more intimate experience, please book our paid barn tour. PLEASE LEAVE IN THE COMMENT BOX: 1. YOUR Full Name 2. Phone Number 3. Mailing address 4. What River's Edge Products do you Love?

Duration: 60 min

8102 Wellington County Road 109, Arthur, Ontario N0G 1A0, Canada