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Best Sellers Collection
Best Sellers Collection
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Best Sellers Collection

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We have curated a collection of our best selling cheeses! These are our customer favourites – all put together into a package ready for your fridge!

Thank you for supporting small farms! This purchase enables our small farm to continue bringing our amazing clients, such as yourself, healthy farmstead cheeses. We love what we do and we love sharing it with you too!

Chevre 200grams
Feta 190grams,g
A Goat's Picnic - Marinated Chevre
Willie's Goat Cheddar 160grams each
Go-2 Goat 160 grams
River's Edge Post Card

Our cheeses are cut by hand, so there are slight discrepancies of weight. We always aim to give you more! We love sharing our cheese with you.

FOR SHIPPING: CHEESE MUST SHIP OVERNIGHT. We pack your cheese in an insulated box with an ice pack via Purolator.

The River's Edge version of this creamy classic is smooth, creamy, lemony and extremely fresh tasting. Our chevre is made weekly from March through October. This seasonal favorite is enjoyed in countless ways, both sweet and savory. Try it on toast with tomatoes, in a salad, add to a smoothie, in a cheesecake, on pizza, in pasta sauce, add to a vinaigrette for a creamy dressing, and of course straight up on crackers. 

Rivers Edge feta is a Mediterranean-style feta in brine. Our customers tell us it is less salty and much more flavourful then any feta found in the grocery store. Several of our Greek customers tell us our feta tastes, “just like Mama used to make!” We can't do much better than that. Delicious in salads, on tomatoes drizzled with balsamic, stuffed in chicken breast with cranberries, on pizza, and straight up!

Marinated Chevre- Goat's Picnic
First.. we take our award winning chevre (cream cheese) and hand roll it into balls. Each contains 120grams of chevre. Then we add olives, tapenade, roasted red peppers, fermented garlic flowers, rosemary and canola oil. I count out the olives by hand so each container has the exact amount! Yes, it takes a long time but this is a cheese I take great pride in having just right. 

Willie's Goat Cheddar:
A mild sweet cheddar, this cheese is perfect to eat on its own! It has a slightly flaky & crumbly texture and melts in your mouth.

Go-2 Goat:
This is an amazing everyday cheese. We call it Go-2 goat because it is a "go to cheese!" that is super versatile. It has a mild flavour. It is great for sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza and more! 

Shipping to Canada only.