Collection: Cracker Time with Goat Cheese
Collection: Cracker Time with Goat Cheese
Collection: Cracker Time with Goat Cheese

Collection: Cracker Time with Goat Cheese

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You provide the crackers - we will provide the cheese! 


Chevre 200grams
Pellets on Pasture (Peppercorn) 160 grams
Willie's Goat Cheddar 160 grams
Halloween Goat Blue 110grams
Lee's Red Pepper Relish Jar
River's Edge Goat Dairy Postcard

Our cheeses are cut by hand, so there are slight discrepancies of weight. We always aim to give you more! We love sharing our cheese with you.

FOR SHIPPING: CHEESE MUST SHIP OVERNIGHT. We pack your cheese in an insulated box with an ice pack via Purolator.

The River's Edge version of this creamy classic is smooth, creamy, lemony and extremely fresh tasting. Our chevre is made weekly from March through October. This seasonal favorite is enjoyed in countless ways, both sweet and savory. Try it on toast with tomatoes, in a salad, add to a smoothie, in a cheesecake, on pizza, in pasta sauce, add to a vinaigrette for a creamy dressing, and of course straight up on crackers. 

Willie's Goat Cheddar:

A mild sweet cheddar, this cheese is perfect to eat on its own! It has a slightly flaky & crumbly texture and melts in your mouth.

Pellets on the Pasture

"Sweet with a Bit of Heat!"

We only make this cheese when the goats are on young, fresh spring pasture, typically during May and June. The lighter flavoured, lower fat milk the goats produce in this late spring season is necessary to achieve the flavours in this cheese.

Pellets on Pasture has tang and acidity that is balanced by a creamy texture and suggestions of fresh grass. In addition, we add peppercorns which contribute a spicy complexity. We first boil the peppercorns in water before adding that peppercorn water to the cheese curds during the cheese make. When I am forming the wheels of cheese, I then add the whole peppercorns. This means that the entire cheese has a spicy peppercorn flavour plus a crunch from the peppercorns! 

This eye catching goat blue cheese was made in June 2019. It has a smooth, cheddar like texture with a slight crumble. I find that this cheese melts in my mouth! The pop of orange colour comes from annatto, a south american plant extract. This is a cheese that will brighten up any cheese board!