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Being stuck at home is the new reality. Why not make the best of it with a cheese date?

Treat yourself and your loved one to unique, award winning cheeses from River’s Edge Goat Dairy.
Those who have discovered this small intimate farm in Arthur, Ontario can’t stop raving about the excellent cheeses and how amazing this farm is. River’s Edge Goat Dairy is so excited to put together this package of their most exclusive and decadent cheeses. These cheeses have been handcrafted on their farm just in time for your date night.
The cheesemakers want to share their craft with you and bring you closer to your food.
This package was curated to create a date night for you and your loved one. Spend time savouring the flavours of the cheese while connecting with your loved one and the land that helped create the food that we eat.

Because they want to share this special connection with as many as possible, they have offered an exclusive deal for you! Enjoy these cheeses together -from afar. Purchase the Date Night Collection for your household and receive a second package with a $10 discount that we will ship directly to your lucky recipient! Share the love  – but let River’s Edge Goat Dairy do the work!

This collection includes:

Buy One -Get One for $75!
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Enter the shipping address for the second package in the notes section at checkout and we will ship the second package directly as a gift to your recipient! 

This is a limited time promotion - while quantities last. 

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The River's Edge version of this creamy classic is smooth, creamy, lemony and extremely fresh tasting. Our chevre is made weekly from March through October. This seasonal favorite is enjoyed in countless ways, both sweet and savory. Try it on toast with tomatoes, in a salad, add to a smoothie, in a cheesecake, on pizza, in pasta sauce, add to a vinaigrette for a creamy dressing, and of course straight up on crackers. 

Marinated Chevre- Goat's Picnic
First.. we take our award winning chevre (cream cheese) and hand roll it into balls. Each contains 120grams of chevre. Then we add olives, tapenade, roasted red peppers, fermented garlic flowers, rosemary and canola oil. I count out the olives by hand so each container has the exact amount! Yes, it takes a long time but this is a cheese I take great pride in having just right. 


Our most exclusive cheese, inspired by the classic crottin style cheeses found in the south of France. This style of cheese is a rare find in Ontario. Pippa is creamy, with some firmness, and has woodsy and mushroom notes, complete with a gentle bite.

Pippa is made from our fresh chevre. This cheese is hand rolled and aged until a soft white mold rind grows on the outside. If you like a stronger, creamy, soft cheese, this is the one for you! This cheese is Katie’s favourite, especially enjoyed with a glass of  Rosé on a hot summer day.



A creamy cheese covered in a layer of ash, ripened by a delicate white mold, Greystone looks pretty on a cheese board and it tastes as good as it looks.

To make Greystone we take our fresh chevre, hand roll it into the shape of a stone and dust the cheese with vegetable ash. We then age this cheese for 10-14 days. During this time a delicate white mold grows on the outside forming a rind. Some like this cheese best when ripened to super gooey when it develops tons of character, but this cheese is also delicious younger, as a  firmer and fresher tasting cheese.

Pellets on Pasture:

"Sweet with a Bit of Heat!"

We only make this cheese when the goats are on young, fresh spring pasture, typically during May and June. The lighter flavoured, lower fat milk the goats produce in this late spring season is necessary to achieve the flavours in this cheese.

Pellets on Pasture has tang and acidity that is balanced by a creamy texture and suggestions of fresh grass. In addition, we add peppercorns which contribute a spicy complexity. We first boil the peppercorns in water before adding that peppercorn water to the cheese curds during the cheese make. When I am forming the wheels of cheese, I then add the whole peppercorns. This means that the entire cheese has a spicy peppercorn flavour plus a crunch from the peppercorns!