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A creamy cheese covered in a layer of ash, ripened by a delicate white mold, Greystone looks pretty on a cheese board and it tastes as good as it looks.

To make Greystone we take our fresh chevre, hand roll it into the shape of a stone and dust the cheese with vegetable ash. We then age this cheese for 10-14 days. During this time a delicate white mold grows on the outside forming a rind. Some like this cheese best when ripened to super gooey when it develops tons of character, but this cheese is also delicious younger, as a  firmer and fresher tasting cheese.

We ship a young version of Greystone to you. If you would like it more ripe, simply keep it in your refrigerator a little longer before you eat it. The flavour of this cheese becomes stronger as it ages. The best before of Greystone is dependent on how strong you like your cheeses.

For a cheese with more acidity and bite, choose Greystone's sister cheese, Pippa!