Reserve Goat Cheddar
Reserve Goat Cheddar

Reserve Goat Cheddar

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Crumbly, flaky, melt in your mouth, tangy,'s just crazy good. 

If you like cheeses with personality and zing, this one's for you.

This batch of Reserve Cheddar was made mid-September 2018. This is one of three batches Will experimented with a washed rind. Results are excellent!

Pieces are a minimum of 160g. We cut our cheese by hand, so we do get some variability in the size of our cheese. We always aim to give you more!

 FOR SHIPPING: CHEESE MUST SHIP OVERNIGHT. We pack your cheese in an insulated box with an ice pack via Purolator.

****IF necessary, please have your order shipped to your place of business so your cheese can be received. You do not want your cheese sitting in the Purolator depot if it cannot be delivered!****

Shipping rates (select rate at checkout):

1-4 cheeses: $15

5-7 cheeses FREE