What is important to you is important to us

A desire for constant and never ending improvement drives us forward

Welcome to River's Edge Goat Dairy!

Imagine you could have goats in your backyard and make your own dairy products from the milk you produce, this is the concept behind River's Edge Goat Dairy.

All our dairy products are made here, on farm, using the milk from River's Edge goats. On occasion we play with sheep or cow milk for fun.


We do not count our goats by the hundreds or the thousands rather by the dozens.

We do not own big, shiny, new tractors nor do we require tractors in our everyday routine.

We consume less than 400L of diesel per year, our carbon footprint in impecable!

We plant a minimum of 1000 trees per year. We started planting trees in 1999. Entering 2021 we have over 25 000 trees planted.

We are not big on automation, we do as much as we can by hand.

We do not ship out products by the skid, rarely we have a case of something.

Our product line is extensive and intimate.

We have over 25 different cheeses which are limited in quantity.

We do not use GMOs and we understand and appreciate GMO technology.

We do not use sprays unless absolutely necessary. We have not used sprays since 2008.

We do not call our products organic or by any other marketing term.

We use low temperature pasteurization.

We do not separate our milk, take anything out or add anything.

We enjoy and appreciate the seasonality of Mother Nature.

We respect the natural breeding and lactating cycle of our goats.

Our milking goats have free choice pasture, free choice feed, and ample lounging area.

We make and package all our products by hand.

We are inspected by the provincial government. We meet and exceed requirements.

You can taste the love in our products. We have high standards for ourselves and our standards are held even higher for you.

Enough about us, and now about you.


We are genuine

We are genuinely connected to the land and animals that produce our food. Our mission to to connect YOU to our farm and food!

What is going on

We have LOTS of products available online and in our farm store.

Cheeses, meats, eggs, soaps, lotions and more!

We are local

Located just outside Arthur, Ontario, we are a half day adveture from the GTA.

Good deeds

Our focus is the health of the land and our animals. Our goal is to make the BEST most nutritious authentic food possible

Katie Normet and Will Makxam

Courageous Leaders

Katie and Will met as children growing up in Oakville, Ontario. In 1992 Will headed to Mc Master University to acquire a degree in Economics and in 1993, Katie was off to the University of Guelph to acquire a degree in Agricultural Sciences. 18 years later the two reconnected, brought together their unique skills and experiences and Will joined Katie at River's Edge Goat Dairy.

The primary driving force for Katie and Will is to demonstrate there is an alternative way to farm and produce food. Constant and neverending improvement drives Katie and Will forward. They are always learning, always improving in everything they do from goat management to land management to crafting incredible cheeses.

If the driving force is improvement then the focus of that drive is you.

Katie and Will produce products for you that they feel you will love and enjoy. They also invite you to come to River's Edge Goat Dairy and connect to the land, animals and people who produce your goat dairy products.

Support of this farm and other farms like River's Edge Goat Dairy is powerful. We can change our food system to better our environment, communities and our health. River's Edge Goat Dairy is proof that food can be produced in different ways that benefit us now and for future generations to come.

Get To Know Us

Great success

The most important part of what we do is bring you exceptional cheeses. We bring you the absolute best around. Our cheeses will delight your palate and be the perfect compliment to your dishes or wine. The integrity of the product is critical to us. All cheese needs to meet our high standards. You are sure to come back to us again and again as we have worked hard to make sure to offer you the best. Customers have commented time and time again on the quality of cheese that they receive from us.