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River’s Edge Goat Dairy is an award-winning family farm just outside
Arthur, Ontario.

At River’s Edge, goat milk is produced and processed with such care and attention that it tastes completely different to goat milk found in grocery stores.  Goat milk produced at River’s Edge has a sweet fresh taste.  Come to the farm and try a sample.  You won’t believe it’s goat milk! 

The best tasting goat milk, fresh cheeses & yogurt are all made on the farm with milk from River’s Edge goats. 

Chocolate goat milk truffles and Butter Tarts made with goat butter are just examples of what you will find at the farm, along with goats of course.


Goat Dairy Farm
Goat Cheese


Chevre Cheeses


Our chevre cheeses are made with the very freshest goat milk from our farm. Creamy and spreadable, they are great on a cracker or with bread. Stir them into pasta and add vegetables of your choice for a quick meal. Very versatile and wonderful in flavour and texture. Come in a resealable container.



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