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It’s funny how we know all of our goats here at River’s Edge Goat Dairy. Each goat has a distinct personality, a quirk, or even just a memory shared. I walk into the herd and some of the goats come up to me right away – some want a scratch behind the ears or under their chins – some just want to chew on my clothes but don’t want a scratch at all. As I walk through the herd some ignore me altogether – they really could not care less that I am walking among them. Others, that I know get easily startled, I walk a wide path around so as not to disturb their rest. As I am walking, some are following every step, sneaking a nibble from my shirt. Others, previously interested, have since left for the next thing that has caught their eye. I walk through the herd with an experienced eye, able to tell right away who isn’t feeling well, who is maybe eating a bit too much or not enough, and most importantly, whether they are happy or not. I ask myself: do they have a dry bed to sleep in? Do they have enough food? How clean is their water? Is the barn warm enough right now? I am walking through the herd, having these thoughts, all while getting to know each and every goat just a little bit better at River's Edge Goat Dairy.



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