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For those of you who love our spring, summer and fall version of Pippa, you will LOVE this winter version!

This is Pippa that has been aged in such a way that it has dried AND maintained the beautiful mushroomy, woodsy, creamy flavours that we all love. Pippa has an acidic tang that plays in the mouth. If this tang is not your favourite, choose the vegetable ash* covered Greystone intead.


The is a cheese that:

  • tastes incredible
  • is unique, one of a kind
  • keeps for weeks if not months
  • can be grated on salads, pasta, soups, pizza, etc
  • can be sliced and eaten. A little bite melts in your mouth and is so satidfying!
  • A little goes a LONG way!


We made this cheese from the last milking of our 2023 season. The beautiful, rich, high fat milk our goats give and the end of their milking cycle makes beautiful creamy cheeses.


This cheese is a rare treat!  We do not always have milk alvailable to make this cheese and sometimes the cheesemake does not go as planned. A true treasure that Will and Katie are excited to share with you.


* vegetable ash is the ashes left behind from roasting vegetables such as red peppers, carrots or onion. The ash is used by cheesemakers to neutralize the acidity of a cheese. This creates a slightly faster ripening time and creates a cheese that is smoother in flavour compared to the same cheese make without the ash.

Pippa and Greystone 2.0 for Grating

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