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Grass-fed, Free-range Chicken provides THREE Meals (or more) from One! An Economical way to Feed your Family.


ORDER a minimum of FIVE chickens and receive a $25 gift card!


BENEFITS to buying River's Edge Chicken

  • Raised outside on grass, not in a cage
  • No exposure to pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical
  • Enjoy delicious, clean grass-fed fresh air flavour
  • Free from GMOs
  • Increase your Omega-3 intake
  • A great choice for heart health
  • Supports outstanding environmental practices building healthy soil
  • Provide a minimum of three meals for your family of 4-6 people
  • A great protein source
  • Antibiotic and drug free
  • Processed the traditional way, NOT brined like commercial chicken.


Choose either whole chickens or have them cut in half or quarters. These chickens are for people or families who want an economical way to improve the quality of food they eat.

Feel confident in the nutritional quality of the food you are feeding your family With our whole chickens in your freezer you will know you always have options for healthy meals. You can relax about food availability in the grocery store and feel calm and peaceful about upcoming meals and family dinners. Will and Katie provide cooking instructions, as well as ideas and recipes for leftover meat. AND take advantage of the best, most overlooked and nutritious part of the whole chicken…. the bones! Will and Katie share their super easy method for making bone broth. Delicious plain OR an excellent base for soups that is packed with nutrition.


  • We order a rare breed of chicken called the Rustic Ranger. Rustic Rangers are bred to be raised outside for meat. In order for us to get these chickens, we must order the chicks NOW to raise in the summer.
  • Order NOW for a saving! By ordering in advance you provide Will and Katie the certainty of how many chickens will be sold. This allows us to plan and have the right amount of chickens for you!



1. When will the chickens be ready?

Chickens will be ready at the end of September. As soon as we have a processing date, we will let you know! We will be in contact via email up until the chickens are delivered to your door.

2. How big are the chickens?

We are aiming for 5-6 pound chickens. This is the weight after processing.

3. How many people will that feed?

This sized chicken is excellent for a family with 4-6 people with a small amount of leftover meat for another meal.

4. That is too much chicken for us, any other options?

Order your chickens cut in half or quarters!

5. What do these chickens eat?

These chickens are outside roaming around. They eat grasses, bugs and we supplement them with some organic, locally grown grains.

6. Can we visit and see the chickens?

Yes! Please do visit! You can also see the goats, ducks, horses and other animals while you are here.

7. Do I need a deep freezer to order chickens?

Yes, if you are ordering more than one chicken, you will need a deep freezer. The freezer on your fridge is not cold enough for long term food storage.

8. I have never cooked a whole chicken before, will I be able to?

Yes you will! Cooking a whole chicken is super easy to do. Katie loves cooking whole chickens when meal prep time is short. You can set your oven timer in the morning, use a crock pot, or cook Sunday afternoon and set up easy meals for the week.

9. I am not sure I like the ideas of leftovers, what do I do with them?

We love having leftover chicken in the fridge for quick snacks and meals.

It makes lunch packing SO easy! We love chicken soup, chicken sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken fettuccine, chicken Caesar salad, Greek salad with chicken, a pick food plate of cubed up cold chicken, cheese, olives, and veggies, yum. SO many options!

10. How many chickens should I buy?

When planning for your chicken supply, one suggestion is to think by the week. One chicken per week may be right for you if you love having chicken as your staple meat. 40-50 chickens.

If you like to switch it up with other meats, a chicken every second week may be right for you. 20 - 25 chickens.

If you just want the occasional chicken, one per month or maybe one every six weeks is the right amount for you! 5-10 chickens


At River’s Edge Goat Dairy, we like to have a chicken every other week or so. 20 chickens for the year is right for our family of 5 to 8 (depending on how many children are home!). We also eat whey-fed pork, grass-fed goat meat, lamb, beef, fish, eggs, goat dairy, nuts, seeds, beans and lentils for our protein.



The meat has texture! The chicken in the grocery store is mushy and has no taste. River’s Edge chicken is so delicious and has great texture.


I love being able to come and see the chickens and know they have had a really great life. Knowing these chickens are outside in the sunshine and grass rather than being confined indoors makes me feel better about eating chicken.


The chicken is good, but the broth made from the bones is unbelievable! WOW! I can never go back to eating chicken from the store again knowing this difference.


Roasting a chicken is so easy. I toss in some vegetables and potatoes with the chicken and the whole meal is done. My kids love it. If I have to be away, this is an easy meal for my husband and kids to pull out of the oven and eat.


PURCHASE 5 chickens or more before January 10 and receive:

  • a $25 gift card for use in the River’s Edge Goat Dairy store (you choose web or physical store)
  • Receive cooking instructions for roasting a chicken, making bone broth and great quick and easy meal ideas from Katie and Will!
  • Chicken updates with photos and the opportunity to come visit and see how we raise chickens!


Our grass-fed chicken has some excellent health benefits, taste benefits and environmental benefits AND we know that not everyone values these benefits as much as our long term clients and friends do. If your order isn’t right and received in great condition, we will make it right at no cost to you. Just let us know with an email or a phone call and we will do whatever it takes to make your purchase a valuable one. If you feel we cannot make your experience right, simply let us know and we will refund your purchase amount and we can part on good terms. This is our unconditional Make It Right guarantee.

PRE-ORDER Grass-fed Chickens for SEPTEMBER 2024

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