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Looking for a new addition to your farm? Perhaps you would like to milk your own goats or maybe add to your herd?


River's Edge Doe Kids are a great choice.


Available from March through April, these healthy and strong goats are sure to be productive members of your farm when raised correctly.


Research has shown that even more important than genetics, a healthy start to life and the first year of a goat's life determines the productivity and longevity of your goat.

Katie, goat expert at River's Edge Goat Dairy, has over 30 years of expereince raising animals and over 20 years of experieince raising goats. 


Katie can expertly minimize the risk of the birthing process and first days of life for your goat kid. The first week of life for a goat kid is the most critical and whether this practice is doone correctly or not will determine how healthy and productive a goat will be over her lifetime.


By purchasing a River's Edge doe kid, you can be certain your doe kid will thrive through the first challenging part of life, ensuring a proper amount of colostrum is received. We can also vaccinate and disbud your doe kid if you wish.


You can finish raising your kid your way and in your environment. Kids are very impressionable during their young life and will learn from you, the environment they are in and those around them. There is no better way to have a new member of your farm team or family than to raise them and teach them your routines, style in the environment they will be kept in.


Goat kids are a great choice for someone with livestock or animal experience. These kids must be bottle fed until they are six to eight weeks old. 


If you are curious about the opportunity to raise your own goats and do not yet know how to bottle feed kids, please entertain the idea of joining Katie's Small Farm with Goats and other critters program  for some 1-1 coaching and guidance on how to bottle feed and wean goat kids.


If desired, we can disbud (no horns) and/or vaccinate your kid goat against Entrotoxemia (over eating disease) and Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL - abscesses) Please make the appropriate selection.


Need more guidance?

Purchase Katie's Book

Schedule a 30 minute consultation call with our goat expert Katie.

Doe Kid

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