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Katie will walk you through the complete thought process to starting your farm journey. Are you already started and still have questions? Perhaps your farming dream isn't working our as planned? Great! Katie can lead you to your next step and more importantly, bring the confidence and certainty you require to make the BEST decisions for your animals, land, family and yourself.

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SOME examples of what Katie can assist you with are:

- Creating a crystal clear vision of what your small farm will look like.

- Determining a starting budget in place.

- Knowing exactly what you need to get you on the right path to your dream farm!

- Learning Katie's 4 Pillars for Livestock Management Success!

- Having all those little questions about goats, livestock, buildings, fencing, etc answered that are holding you back from taking that next step!

It doesn't matter how big or small your small farm dreams are. All types, sizes and varieties of farm visions are welcome! Katie can absolutely help you get to your next, quickly and efficiently, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and years of your time.

You will also receive access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group where Katie and like minded goat and small farming enthusiasts can post pictures, ask questions and receive feedback. We are all stronger as a community. We can all help each other achieve that next level.

Katie's two decades of experience both good and bad, her mistakes and wins are your gain! Katie's goal is to have more small farms, more children exposed to livestock and farm land, more land saved for food production and more people eating the healthy food grown on their own land. Her goal is to see YOU succeed and she will be sure you get the results YOU are searching for.

Please use the contact information of the person who will be taking the workshop at checkout. This will be Katie's reference for admitting people to the workshop.

As always, there is a HUMAN on the other side of this website. Please CONTACT US with any questions or concerns.

IF you don't yet have Katie's book on Raising and Keeping Dairy Goats, add it! We will ship it to you for free.

Virtual Small Farm Goat Community & One-on-one coaching with Katie

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