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Gut-biomeBuilding, Smoothie Sensational, Kid Friendly, Tempting Topper for cereal, fruit, pancakes, pie and spicy curries, Client Approved Cholesterol friendly

So many benefits of having this yogurt shipped to your door:

  • Numerous ways to enjoy, excellent on cereal and in smoothies, on top of curries, pancakes, fruit or on its own.
  • Sugar free/Lactose free for healthier microbes and easier digestion
  • Grass-fed for better flavour
  • Makes excellent dressing, sauces and dips.
  • Increase your Omega 3 fatty acids intake
  • Increase your health-promoting phytonutrients (antioxidants with the potential to heal and protect)
  • Enjoy delicious, clean grass-fed fresh air flavour
  • Supports outstanding environmental practices building healthy soil
  • Cools spicy curries!
  • K-9 healing properties eg, dry skin, digestion, acid reflux, hair coat quality
  • Healthy gut flora = better cholesterol scores as reported by our clients
  • OMAFRA inspected for quality

500mL or 1 liter tub of plain goat yogurt for people and families who want to incorporate easily digested, fun products into their diets. 500ml yogurt are sold out! We will have fresh milk (and yogurt) again in March

Provide a versatile way to include healthy fats, microbes and protein in your diet. An alternative to milk on cereal, a great smoothie ingredient, a cooling topping on a spicy curry, or a dessert with fruit or maple syrup. Increase your population of beneficial gut-microbes without changing eating habits, simply. A healthy population of gut-microbes supports a healthy immune system and body chemistry.

We offer this product because great tasting goat yogurt is difficult to find. Grass-fed goat yogurt is even more rare! No sugar added and naturally lactose free. We love our yogurt and want to share it with you! There are so many ways to enjoy it. Katie's favourite use of summer yogurt is to mix yogurt with a good quality Mango juice for a Mango Lassi, a refreshing summer meal or nutritious drink anytime.

What are the ingredients in your yogurt?

Our yogurt ingredients are simple, whole milk and yogurt cultures. That’s it!

Is there any sugar added?

We do not add any sugar to our yogurt or anything else! The bacterial cultures turn milk into yogurt by consuming the lactose and changing it into lactic acid. The increased acidity causes the milk proteins to join together and form a curd that is yogurt. This consumption of lactose makes our yogurt great for those who are lactose sensitive.

What does it taste like?

It tastes great! A clean, fresh, slightly acidic flavour with no goat-y aftertaste. The texture is also smooth and not stringy at all like other goat yogurts on the market.

Why is the texture thinner than I am used to?

From the end of May to September our yogurt is thinner than what most people are used to. We could thicken in by adding milk solids, gelatin, or by straining some of the goodness out, but these practices do not align with our values of food production. Our clients who consume yogurt regularly now enjoy the change in texture throughout the year. Our yogurt IS super thick in the spring, fall and winter months.

How can I use it?

Yogurt is super versatile! Use it in smoothies, on cereal, fruit, spicy curry dishes, pancakes, and pie. Make sauces, dips and dressings with it. Tzatziki anyone? Eat it plain in a bowl with a spoon or make a refreshing summer drink by combining our yogurt in a glass with real 100% fruit juice; like a Mango Lassi!

What is the liquid on the top?

The liquid on top is whey that separates from the yogurt “curd”. You can strain it off and use it to bake or in your smoothie or cereal. Mix it back in or just ignore it. It is full of healthy microbes, proteins and hydration.

Can I add sweetener or sugar to it?

Yes! We love adding maple syrup or fruit jams. Some honeys pair well with our yogurt and others do not. We recommend a taste test before adding honey to a large quantity of yogurt. Some people add stevia. The best secret we learned is to add a small amount of vanilla extract to your yogurt. The vanilla brings out the natural sweetness often making it unnecessary to add sugar of any kind AND the vanilla will accentuate whatever sweetener you add.

How do I make it thicker?

If you would like to thicken your yogurt to make a dip like Tzatziki or a dessert topping (this yogurt makes a great substitute for whipping cream) Line a colander with a clean tea towel. (no perfumed laundry detergents residue) Pour in your yogurt and let it drip over a bowl at room temperature. Two to four hours is usually sufficient. The longer it hangs the thicker it gets. It will thicken up even more when at a cooler temperature back in the fridge.

How do I keep it?

Keep yogurt in your refrigerator. Between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius is ideal and will give the longest shelf life. The door of your fridge can get warm when opening and closing the door. The main body of your fridge is the better place to keep your yogurt.

How long does it last?

Yogurt lasts for weeks, even months when kept in the refrigerator between 1- and 4-degrees C. We put a six-week date on our yogurt, you can get several weeks past our best before date if you keep it cold!

What some of our clients have shared about River's Edge yogurt:

Your yogurt has made my cholesterol scores better! I am down to the acceptable level according to my doctor. I have been working to get my cholesterol scores better by exercising and cutting out unhealthy fats and reducing animal products. Nothing I did helped. I had given up. After I started on your yogurt my scores improved dramatically! My doctor asked me what I did, the only thing I changed was replacing my regular yogurt from the grocery store with River’s Edge yogurt. I am convinced your yogurt has improved my health.

L.N. Meaford, ON

We had three patients in our Nursing and Retirement Facility that had severe bed sores that would not heal. One of these patients had sores for several years. We heard that goat yogurt may help so we did a trial and substituted their regular cow dairy yogurt with River’s Edge Goat yogurt. We could not believe our eyes when in less than a week the bed sores started to heal! After the trial, River’s Edge donated yogurt to our patient who had suffered the most with bed sores until they passed away. River’s Edge yogurt brought an improved quality of life to three of our precious patients. We are grateful for the food they produce.

M. Fergus, ON.

Our grass-fed goat dairy products have some excellent health benefits, taste benefits and environmental benefits AND we know that not everyone values these benefits as much as our long-term clients and friends do. If your order isn’t right and received in great condition, we will make it right at no cost to you. Just let us know with an email or a phone call and we will do whatever it takes to make your purchase a valuable one. If you feel we cannot make your experience right, simply let us know and we will refund your purchase amount and we can part on good terms.

This is our unconditional Make It Right guarantee.

Grass-fed Whole Goat Yogurt

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