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SHEEP MILK must be ORDERED a minimum of ONE WEEK in advance.


Our mission is to offer you the BEST milk possible. We have been providing milk to our valued clients for over 15 years.

We purchase sheep milk from a farm that is about 45 minutes north of us.


We believe sheep produce the best quality milk when outside exercising and eating fresh grass. When fresh grass is not available because of seasonality of pasture, sheep eat dried grass harvested during the summer months.


If you have never had sheep milk, we feel it is a MUST try. The taste is clean and fresh. Our milk is whole, low temperature pasteurized and NOT homogenized, nothing added, nothing taken away. This milk contains more fat and protein than what you will find in the grocery store. Whatever the sheep give, you get!


Please remember, sheep milk must be ordered at least ONE week in advance and it cannot be shipped.

1L Whole Pastured Sheep Milk

We bottle a batch of sheep milk approximately once every two weeks.
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