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Goat Cheddars

At River's Edge Goat Dairy, we don't just make one cheddar....we have a variety! Our cheddar varieties are distinguished by the cheesemaker, time of year it was made or the age.

Willie's Cheddar: The good ol' standby, crowd pleaser, best value cheese. Willie's cheddar is most loved by human kids and those who are experimenting with goat cheese. $12

Katie's Cheddar: Will is our usual cheddar maker, but when he was away one day in 2019, Katie had to step in. While this cheese was not a favourite at first, with age, this cheese was voted the BEST batch of 2019. Can she repeat this one??? She is not too sure! Grab this one before it's gone. $25

Reserve Cheddar: Crumbly, flaky, melt in your mouth, tangy,'s just crazy good. Only our best batches that are more than one year old earn the Reserve sticker. $15

1 Year Old Cheddar: Willie's Cheddar Aged! A more flavourful version of the Willie's you love. $12

Cheddar with Peppercorn: aka. Pellets on Pasture. This cheese is ONLY made the end of May and June when the sweetest grass grows in the pasture. The goats' milk is light and sweet. We boil the peppercorns to make an infusion and pour this over the curd in the vat. As a result, this cheese has a subtle caramel flavour and a pepper punch. $11

Pricing is based on $/kg and the sizes of pieces we cut.

River's Edge Cheddars

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